Our Mission

Hospice Care Services in Cleveland & Northeast Ohio

We know that hospice can feel scary but finding an Ohio hospice care provider near home can alleviate some of that fear and is important so you can be there for your loved one during their palliative care journey.

Why Cypress

Cypress Hospice is a family-owned and operated organization dedicated to providing the best experience to our patients and their families. Our care and services are designed to protect the dignity of our patients while offering peace, tranquility, and comfort. Above all, we want our patients and their loved ones to know that they are not alone.

When you face a difficult care decision, we provide the information you need — and a hand to hold along the way.

Care & Services

We work directly with our patients and their families, caregivers and healthcare providers to develop a personalized, goal-oriented plan for the most supportive hospice care environment in Ohio for your loved one to Celebrate Life’s Journey.

Hospice Resources

We offer experienced guidance through education to ease your decision about selecting hospice during an end-of-life situation. We know that there are many questions you may have about hosice care, and we are here to answer those.

Beyond Traditional Hospice Care

We take a holistic approach to hospice care by supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our patients and their families. We are dedicated to preserving dignity and ensuring your peace and comfort.

Care With An Open Heart

Our team embodies the Cypress Heart — a philosophy of care that resonates in our service. Our hospice professionals combine compassion and sensitivity with dedication and experience to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Contact Us

Your journey is our journey too. Contact us to learn more about our care and services.


Whether a short-term event or a long-term commitment, we welcome you to join the effort.

Work at Cypress

We are always hiring passionate and caring individuals. Join our Cypress Hospice family!

Tree of Life Donations

We believe every individual should celebrate life’s journey with tranquility, freedom of choice, and dignity. You are not alone. Your journey is our journey too, because every day of life…is a day worth living. If you are making a donation in memory of your loved one, please include your name and “in loving memory of” in the Special Message section on the donation page.